10000 Years of Climate Change at Great Sand Dunes-- Maria Brunhart-Lupo

san luis lake


10,000 Years of Climate Change at Great Sand Dunes

Maria Brunhart-Lupo

March 21, 2012

7:00 pm

Porter Hall, Room 130

Adams State College

Alamosa, CO


 Maria Brunhart-Lupo recently received her PhD from Colorado School of Mines in Golden Colorado. She completed her research at Great Sand Dunes National Park where she used geological and archeological evidence to determine historic variation of lake levels of San Luis Lakes. The variation found in her research was then used to interpret conditions about the lakes during long-term climate changes - when it was wet and the lakes were full and when it was arid and the lakes were dry. Her geological evidence came from a little-understood sand dune type known as lunettes. Her work has helped establish lunettes as indicators of past climatic conditions. She correlated climatic variation with occupation of the San Luis Valley by ancient peoples from the Clovis to the historic.

Join us and find out more about the historic changes in the Valley’s climate. Learn more about lunettes and how they tell us about changes in the Valley’s past weather conditions. Lectures are free and open to the public. Bring a friend!