The Remarkable Climate of the SLV -- Nolan Doesken

The Remarkable Climate of the San Luis Valley

Nolan Doesken, State Climatologist

April 18, 2012

7:00 pm

Porter Hall, Room 130

Adams State College

Alamosa, CO

The San Luis Valley in south central Colorado is a unique area with a remarkable climate. The center of the San Luis Valley is the driest part of Colorado and yet it is relatively rich in water resources from the surrounding rim of high mountains. The primary factors that affect and control the climate of southern Colorado will be presented. The resulting patterns of sunshine, wind, humidity, temperature and humidity will be presented and compared to other parts of Colorado and the U.S. Weather data in the San Luis Valley date back more than 100 years and these long-term data will be presented showing trends, variations and seasonal fluctuations. Extreme winter cold still takes place but not as often as was observed during parts of the 20th Century. Precipitation, however, varies so much from one year to the next that no long-term trend has been detected over the past century.