2013 Creede Silver Mining trip



August 17:  "Creede's Silver Mines—Reclaiming Abandoned Mines & Efforts to Renew Silver Mining"    

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Trip leaders: Willow Creek Reclamation Committee and Rio Grande Silver, Inc.

The trip focuses on current and past reclamation of abandoned mines by the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee and on the on-going efforts of Rio Grande Silver to explore for precious metal in the Bulldog, Amethyst, and Equity Veins that could lead to renewed mining at Creede.
During the trip we will visit several abandoned mine sites to observe how reclamation activities at abandoned mines have mitigated environmental problems associated with the old mines, which closed many decades ago. We will also examine the current efforts to restore the mining-impacted floodplain of Willow Creek below the town of Creede. We will learn about Rio Grande Silver's on-going exploration program aimed at assessing the remaining silver, gold, lead, and zinc resources found in some of the major veins in the mining district and what their findings mean for the future of mining at Creede. There will be opportunities to view surface drilling activities and mineralized core obtained by drilling the veins. Rio Grande Silver is currently driving (constructing) a new tunnel to access the old underground workings at the Bulldog Mine. Depending on the mining activities that are happening in the tunnel on the day of the field trip, we may get a chance to go underground in the new tunnel.

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These are the field trips which are in the planning process for the 2013 summer season. Check back for further developments.


Fall 2013: Tour of the Closed Basin Water Project (Trip scheduled Friday September 20th--details to follow)